Recent Engineering Projects

“When you pour yourself into an endeavor, it is natural that you want others to understand it, realize the benefit of it, and hopefully take away something personally from the work that you have done. That’s the way I feel about engineering. I get a kick out of the simple effort of solving a problem, and it’s even more satisfying to find a cost-effective solution for a client. The best engineering is done when we solve problems that require not only skill and knowledge, but also imagination and positive communication. ASCE had a slogan for engineering a few years ago – “Civil Engineers – Making Dreams Become Reality.” When it happens, it is really sweet!!”
~ Larry Madrid, President

Recent Engineering Articles


Clermont Sinkhole: Larry Madrid Talks To CNBC

August 14, 2013

President of Madrid Engineering Group, Larry Madrid, talks to CNBC about the 100 foot Clermont sinkhole that collapsed about a third of a resort near Disney World….

Cypress Youth Sports Complex

April 3, 2015

Madrid Engineering Group, Inc. completed a geotechnical site investigation for a City of Lakeland Parks and Recreation Department proposed active park site development project in the City…

Harden Blvd. Access Road Stabilization Design

April 3, 2015

Harden Blvd. Access Road Stabilization Design -┬áPolk County intended to construct an approximately 600 foot long access road that progresses east from Harden Blvd. to provide access…