Madrid Engineering Group, Inc. completed a geotechnical site investigation for a City of Lakeland Parks and Recreation Department proposed active park site development project in the City of Lakeland.  The site consisted of approximately 34 acres of formerly mined land that was apparently never restored to the current standards required by the State of Florida.  The site was previously strip mined, in-filled with waste phosphatic clays, and subsequently partially reclaimed into pasture land by covering the clays with overburden spoils.  This earthwork was done by the previous owner; however, exact timing of the work is not known.

Following completion of a topographic survey and a review of historical aerial photos to identify historical cut and spoil locations, MEG coordinated with the project surveyor to develop a geotechnical site exploration program.  This program was to identify and verify spoil row and cut locations, waste clay thickness and state of consolidation, shallow soil conditions, as well as other potentially problematic conditions, including presence of muck or organic soils, and to establish basic site parameters to assist with site layout and planning.  Following completion of the preliminary geotechnical services, the project conceptual plan was modified based on the preliminary findings and a supplementary final investigation was completed.  Between two phases of field work, the field exploration program included 17 Cone Penetration Test (CPT) soundings and 40 Standard Penetration Test (SPT) borings.

Given the nature of the proposed project site, which consists of previously mined lands with waste phosphatic clays, a high degree of site variability and engineering challenges were anticipated.  After completing the site investigations, even greater soil variability than anticipated was encountered.  Specialized site development recommendations were provided to accommodate the various site development features including, buildings, pavements, light poles, ponds, a pedestrian bridge, and playing fields.

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