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2014 Engineer of the Year Award given to Larry Madrid

The Ridge Chapter of the Florida Engineering Society has awarded the 2014 Engineer of the Year to Larry Madrid, PE, D.GE.  Mr. Madrid has been an engineer for 30 years, and has both bachelor and master of science degrees from Colorado State University where he studied geotechnical engineering, a branch of civil engineering.  Larry is president of Madrid Engineering Group, Inc. (Bartow and Panama City, Florida),  where he manages a 45-person firm which has completed over 9000 projects/engineering investigations since its inception in 1992, in diverse sectors such as transportation, energy transmission and distribution, solid waste, water supply, telecommunications, education, and development.  Mr. Madrid is an expert in sinkholes, and addressed the media world-wide during a press conference at the Seffner, Florida sinkhole in May 2013 that killed an individual.

The Engineer of the Year award is given to “the FES member that exemplifies the ideal image of the Professional Engineer.  The award recognizes an individual who has established an outstanding record of consistent quality over a long period of time, with well-rounded achievement in education, employment, professional and public service activities”.  Within his profession, Mr. Madrid became a Diplomate of Geotechnical Engineering in 2010 with the Academy of Geo-Professionals; was inducted as a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2011; and won the GMEC 2013 Award for outstanding achievement by the Florida Geotechnical and Materials Engineering Council.  He has been active with the Greater Bartow Chamber of Commerce and is a past president of that organization, which has honored him with the Diversity Award, the George W. Harris Leadership Award, and the Spirit of Bartow award, three of the highest awards they bestow.  In addition, he was recognized for Entrepreneurship at the 2013 Golden Garland Awards, sponsored by the Lakeland Ledger Media Group and Magnify Credit Union.

Mr. Madrid is also passionate about sustainability, and formed Greenovative Design & Engineering, LLC to address energy efficiency in buildings and sustainable environmental design.  He designed the second “net-zero energy” office building in Polk County, Florida, and he is founding partner of Greenovative Homes, LLC, a construction company that retrofits houses with energy saving features such as low-e windows, smart  thermostats, and a new insulation system called Greenstar Panels® (  Madrid was highly involved in the research and development of this patent-pending insulation product that has great promise and has been utilized in reducing homeowners’ energy bills by 30 to over 50%.   Madrid is hopeful that the new technology will catch on with builders and architects. “It is definitely a break-through, the only insulation system that becomes more efficient the hotter the temperature gets”, he said.

At the meeting Mark Donald, PE, immediate past president of the FES Ridge Chapter, presented the EOY award and said “he is an accomplished engineer, and I’m proud to call Larry my friend”.  Madrid thanked his wife, family, and co-workers, and said “nobody gets where they are completely on their own.  I am very fortunate to have surrounded myself with talented individuals who create teams to tackle these complex problems”.  He also admonished those present to respect nature and make sustainability a part of every engineering decision.

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