Other Services

Other Services

MEG has extensive experience in projects ranging from small to very large complex structures & developments that involve multiple technical disciplines.

Other Services Overview

MEG offers a diverse range of other in-house engineering services including forensic investigations, site planning and design, construction claims, and litigation support. MEG staff has extensive experience in project sizes that range from small to very large (multi-million dollar) complex structures and developments that involve multiple technical disciplines.

Other Services Summary

Threshold Inspection

Madrid Engineering Group, Inc. has an in-house certified threshold inspector. In order to ensure structural component conformance of larger or more complex structures, the state of Florida Building Construction Standards enacted Chapter 553, which defines a “threshold” building as… Read More >>

Structural Analysis

MEG provides a wide range of structural damage assessment investigations and other limited site inspections which typically involve a physical inspection of the structure. MEG has performed numerous damage and safety assessments of municipal, industrial, commercial and residential structures… Read More >>

Project Management

MEG has incorporated a powerful organizational model which enables the company to provide a wide range of engineering and support services to our clients. Ideas and directives flow from the President to Technical Division Chiefs, ensuring a consistent methodology throughout the organization. Department Heads work with their staffs… Read More >>

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