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In over 25 years in service we have completed thousands of investigations and a wide range of engineering and support services to our clients.

Madrid Engineering Group, Inc.

Geotechnical Engineering Services

Madrid Engineering Group, Inc. (MEG) specializes in geotechnical engineering for structure foundations, earthen structures, subsurface construction and providing other engineering, environmental and geologic services. We have completed literally thousands of foundation investigations and designs, including subsidence investigations to determine if sinkhole processes are active in Florida’s limestone bedrock and overlying soil. MEG has developed PhosphoCrete™, a proprietary method to chemically stabilize very soft clays including waste phosphatic clay. We have also researched and developed a patented system, PhosFilter™, which is an engineered filter media designed to reduce phosphorus and other pollutant concentrations in surface waters.

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Our Team

At MEG, we believe our PEOPLE are the most important asset we have. Madrid Engineering is a team of experts in geotechnical and structural engineering, geologic sciences, materials science and evaluation, and construction monitoring… Read More >>

Awards & Certifications

Madrid Engineering Group, Inc. is one of the top companies in central Florida, based on commendations received from others regarding our achievements that offer credit to our claim of quality service… Read More >>

Community Involvement

Madrid Engineering is a place where you find not only experienced professionals but people who care about and give back to their respective communities… Read More >>

Green Companies

Madrid Engineering Group, Inc. is leading the way in our corner of the world by designing, constructing, and in April, 2008, moving into the first “green” building in Bartow, Florida…. Read More >>

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Why Choose Madrid Engineering

Madrid Engineering Awarded MBE Supplier of the Year 2017!
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