Sinkhole Services


Madrid Engineering Group, Inc. has expertise in completing subsurface investigations that can conclude whether or not damage to a structure…

Sinkhole Overview

Sinkhole Investigations

Madrid Engineering Group, Inc. has expertise in completing subsurface investigations that can conclude whether or not damage to a structure has been caused by sinkhole activity. Our clients call on us because we have trained personnel in the areas of geotechnical engineering, geology, and soil science. We use drills and sampling equipment to extract soil samples from the ground at various depths, testing the strength and consistency of the soil to determine the conditions at a particular location.

If damages to a structure are caused by sinkhole activity, then they are usually covered by insurance. The insurance carrier requires us to not only determine if there is sinkhole activity, but also to determine a way to stabilize the structure. Our philosophy is to stabilize the foundation soil/rock if possible, which will in turn stabilize the structure. There are two main methods to stabilize a structure, compaction grouting and underpinning.

Sinkhole Services

Sinkhole Evaluation

One of Madrid Engineering Group’s specialties is evaluation of properties for the presence of sinkhole activity. All of Florida is underlain by limestone geologic units. These buried limestone units are weathered through dissolution by acidic groundwater… Read More >>

Sinkhole: SCAR

Structures, much like people, often require periodic “checkups” to diagnose and treat ailments as a result of age, illness, and exposure to environmental elements. Often, the need for minor cosmetic upkeep can be identified and remedied by the observant and capable homeowner or property manager… Read More >>

Sinkhole Soil Stabilization

MEG has completed the design and construction monitoring for hundreds of commercial and residential soil stabilization projects including low mobility grouting, polyurethane grout injection, and underpinning (drilled mini-piles and helical pier underpins)… Read More >>

Sinkhole Expert & Forensic Services

MEG routinely performs investigations, peer reviews and provides expert witness testimony for environmental, structural, geological and geotechnical related issues. The level of detail and type of review is determined by the request from the client… Read More >>

Sinkhole: Continuing Education

In constant striving to provide an exceptional experience for our clients, MEG has taken the step to become a Continuing Education Provider with the Florida Department of Financial Services… Read More >>

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