Award 2016

Madrid Engineering Wins 2016 Project of the Year

(l to r) ASCE Ridge Branch President Angela Carbone, EI; Fred Gore (Exec. Dir. Finance at SEU); Larry Madrid, PE, D.GE, F.ASCE; John Delashaw, PE (chief geotechnical engineer); and Naomi Tillett, PE. (Branch VP)

Last week, Madrid Engineering Group, Inc. celebrated National Engineer’s Week with the 2016 Project of the Year, awarded by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Ridge Branch of the Florida Section. In a joint ceremony with the Ridge Chapter of the Florida Engineering Society, Madrid President Larry Madrid began the technical presentation about our project, then handed over the microphone to John Delashaw PE who managed the project. John presented the unique foundation design for Southeastern University’s (SEU; Lakeland) four-story education building on its campus. The foundation design involved the use of Grouted Pulldown Micro-piles, a proprietary system design by the A.B.Chance company.
This complex foundation design was necessary because of tight and overlapping foundations between an existing building and the new proposed building that was literally erected over the top of the existing building. The new building’s loads were concentrated on either side of the existing building, which increased the load requirement per pile. Furthermore, minimizing vibration during installation was essential so as not to damage the existing building. This limited the types of foundations that could be considered, and eliminated driven pilings. The grouted pulldown micropiles consist of standard helical auger foundations which are twisted into the ground, but modified with additional steel plates at regularly spaced intervals along the shaft that displace soil and make it possible to inject grout along the shaft through ports. This creates a hybrid piling system that has the high end bearing capacity from the helices, and the side friction from the grouted shaft portion of the piling. The maximum recommended load per micropile is 80,000 lbs, and we sized these for up to 72,000 lbs each, essentially maximizing the technology.circled area

Twin Four Story buildings were constructed with a breezeway between. The bump-out at the base of the right building shown above is actually a pre-existing building around which the grouted pulldown micropiles were required
“Congratulations to our team of engineers and support staff who designed and monitored construction on a very complex project. We worked with a committed and involved group that included the owner, structural engineer, architect, and general contractor who made sure this was a successful project.” said Larry Madrid. “This is the second time in 3 years that Madrid has won a Project of the Year award. We intend on continuing to utilize innovative and cutting edge technologies to help our clients have the best, most appropriate, and safest designs possible.”
Larry Madrid is President of Madrid Engineering Group, Inc. with headquarters in Bartow Florida. The company has completed over 8000 projects since 1992, and is a DBE/SBE certified with the FDOT, and MBE certified with the State of Florida office of diversity. Madrid is also prequalified in geotechnical engineering and construction engineering inspection (CEI) with the FDOT.


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