Sinkhole Evaluation

Sinkhole Evaluation

MEG has a highly experienced sinkhole forensic investigation team including licensed professionals in Civil, Geotechnical, and Structural Engineering …

Sinkhole Evaluation

Standardized Inspection & Testing Methods

One of Madrid Engineering Group’s specialties is evaluation of properties for the presence of sinkhole activity. All of Florida is underlain by limestone geologic units. These buried limestone units are weathered through dissolution by acidic groundwater. The dissolution weathering process results in depressions in the limestone surface or cavities within the limestone into which overlying soils migrate. When the overlying materials migrate into depressions in the limestone surface or voids, depressions or collapse features may be formed at the surface. Regardless of whether or not collapse features form at the surface, evidence of downward migration of soils is considered evidence of sinkhole activity.

Proven Methods

Using proven standardized inspection and testing methods, we can conclude whether or not damage to a structure has been caused by:

  • Sinkhole Activity
  • Decay of Organic Material
  • Expansive Clay Soils
  • Loose Fill
  • Construction Defects
Stabilization & Repair

Where damage to a structure is caused by sinkhole activity, MEG has the ability to design to stabilization and repair. These options include:

  • Low-Mobility Grouting
  • Underpinning
  • Floor Slab Jacks
  • Grout-Injected Piers
  • Filling of Collapse Features
  • Chemical (Polyurethane) Grouting
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