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Grandview Parkway – Davenport, Florida – Madrid Engineering Group, Inc. (MEG) was asked to assist design engineers for the new roadway extension of Grandview Parkway in Polk County, Florida.  This section of proposed improvements (new 4-lane divided roadway) is approximately 2/3 mile long and includes a 600-foot long bridge over Interstate 4, to 35-foot high MSE walls along the approaches to the bridge, four signal mast arms and four stormwater ponds.  The purpose of the investigation was to evaluate soil types and conditions along the proposed alignment in support of design and construction. A total of 11 hand auger borings and 37 standard penetration test (SPT) borings were completed including up to 130-foot deep borings at the bridge piers.  The soil survey included laboratory testing of select samples to determine physical and chemical characteristics and suitability for construction, analysis of subsoil conditions, as well as surface preparation and earthwork recommendations.  MEG completed the work in 2014 within the set budget of about $64,000.

MEG APPROACH – Boring locations were located using handheld GPS equipment accurate to within plus or minus approximately 5 to 10 feet.  Laboratory testing was completed throughout the project as samples were returned to our in-house soils lab.  MEG completed a wide range of different field and laboratory testing on this project including permeability and LBR testing at pond sites, deep drilling along the interstate and shallow borings along the proposed roadway alignment.  The final report also included factored pile capacity vs. elevation, MSE wall reinforcement strap lengths, drilled shaft soil parameters for the mast arms, seasonal high water tables at the pond sites.

MEG BENEFIT –The study identified at least 2 possible paleo- (ancient) sinkholes along the alignment with one location requiring soil stabilization to provide adequate MSE wall stability.  In this case, MEG recommended widening the MSE wall base (phased wall) and pre-loading as cost-effective stabilization options to minimize settlement and increase wall stability.


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