Lake Parker Outfall/Phase III – Lakeland, Florida This project consisted of implementing Best Management Practices (BMP) Water Quality Maintenance and Improvement in the drainage outfall between Lake Parker and Saddle Creek.  It was cooperatively funded with Southwest Florida Water Management (SWFWMD) Watershed Management Program (WMP) and Polk County Parks and Natural Resources.  This phase linked previously completed elements from phases I and II, by the use of gabions, rip-rap and regrading along a combined length of 1,400 feet.  Permitting was processed through SWFWMD.

MEG APPROACH: MEG provided geotechnical engineering services along with drainage design, environmental permitting, construction cost estimates and contract bidding services.

MEG BENEFIT: As MEG has their own fleet of drill rigs, some of which are used for limited access conditions, we were able to perform the field sampling efficiently and without delay.  We also coordinated a field trip with the Client and the manufacturer to better understand the use of an alternate BMP product for embankment stabilizing, which included a cost and maintenance comparison between standard gabions.  The understanding of the permitting process and the long term relationship between SWFWMD personnel and the environmental consultant on our team and MEG staff, assisted with obtaining an ERP in less than 30 days.  In addition, MEG also prepared a set of construction plans that can be separated into four standalone sub plan sets, which will assist the client in deciding where to allocate construction funds as projects are prioritized and budgets are assigned.  Throughout the project, MEG coordinated bi-weekly meetings via teleconference along with the use of the main conference room for team members and the client.

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