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Our commitment to our clients is to provide the best quality of drilling services and to have that task performed of the highest quality with integrity and professionalism…

The Best Quality of Drilling Services

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Madrid Engineering Group takes great pride in providing our clients with the best of quality drilling services in our industry. In the past 20 years of servicing our clients, MEG has been tested by their clients to some of the most challenging drilling projects in the state of Florida. With over seven thousand successful projects completed this has allowed MEG to gain the experience and respect adding our name as one of the elite Geotechnical Engineering firms in the state of Florida.

Working with the FDOT and other government agencies has allowed MEG to expand its services throughout the state of Florida taking on larger and more difficult drilling projects, specializing in Rock Coring and drilling deep borings. Our commitment to our clients is to provide the best quality of drilling services with not only the most qualified driller for the task given, but to have that task performed of the highest quality with integrity and professionalism our clients demand.

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MEG’s drilling, field and lab personnel are MSHA-trained. We have an in house safety officer and ongoing safety training done not only in the office but in the field, safety is our priority.


We have the ability to access difficult boring locations in areas around structures to drill test borings. The track mounted rigs we use are rubber track and have very low ground pressure, minimizing damage if any at all to vegetation, asphalt, concrete and shallow underground utilities. Using mini rigs in highly populated areas minimizes the impact of the surrounding businesses and also allows patrons to go about their daily activities.  These rigs can drill as deep as 200’ pending on subsurface conditions.

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Quality Control Protocol

Taking Quality Control as a serious protocol here at Madrid Engineering. QC protocol is completed at every level within our firm.

  • Each of our drill crew are assigned to a specific drill rig so when any calibration is performed it is done with the crew that it has been assigned to, to reassure data being collect in the field is consistant.
  • MEG has 8 drill rigs ready to take on any task that you may need. We also have an in- house geotechnical laboratory for testing the soil samples we obtain by drilling.
  • We also are able to access inside of buildings that have cracks or failure issues to find the problem. Based on the findings, the problem(s) can be diagnosed and a remediation plan drawn up by our engineers.
  • Checking out remote areas before you build makes good sense. We are the ones to call to get the job done. Even areas with no water source can be accessed by our rigs and water trucks.
Madrid Engineering Awarded MBE Supplier of the Year 2017!
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