Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization

MEG’s professional staff of engineers and geologists are acknowledged experts having performed over 5000 subsidence investigations…

Subsidence Investigations

Acknowledged Experts in the State of Florida

There are numerous causes for cracking distress and differential movement of a structure and collapse features. Among them are deleterious foundation soils such as high organics, shrink-swell clays, buried debris, inadequate compaction of the soil prior to construction and sinkhole activity. Florida, along with many other parts of the southeast US and the Caribbean is prone to areas of sinkholes due to the limestone bedrock. MEG’s professional staff of engineers and professional geologists is acknowledged experts in the State of Florida for geotechnical engineering having performed over 5000 subsidence investigations.

We have the expertise to determine, whether the disturbances are really sinkhole related or if the disturbances may be from another cause such as soil compaction, soil type, poor construction methods, behavior of sediments, organics, clays and other soft soils, behavior of soils generated or disturbed by mining activities or other related geotechnical issues. We also have an in-house structural specific group that provides evaluations and recommendations regarding the integrity of structures that are inspected for subsidence damage. Section 2.3 offers more details regarding the capabilities and expertise of our structural engineering group.

Soil Stablilization

Additionally, MEG designs structural stabilization plans if any stabilization is recommended or required. As a service to the client and to ensure the remediation program is conducted according to MEG specifications, we provide expert monitoring services. Our field technicians record all contractor activities and provide assurance the contractor is in compliance with the site specific specifications we recommend for each project. Signed and Sealed Completion Reports are customized to the needs and requests for each client whether private or business and can properly address specifics for each individual policy requirement should there be some.

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